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1. Plant debris

1. Plant debris

In a basin, there are two sources of organic matter that can contribute to the degradation of water quality. One is food and the other is plant or organic debris brought in by water or wind. It is up to you to control the amount of food.

For plants, it is often more complicated. If they are brought in by water, it means that your pond is receiving runoff water. In this case, you will be limited in your possibilities. Spring water with a few leaves will not be a problem. On the other hand, if a stream receiving sludge from a whole hill flows into your pond, then unfortunately you will never be able to maintain an acceptable balance in your pond.

For wind-borne debris, the excess is detrimental to everything. It is not necessary to shave the vegetation within 50m of your pond, but be aware that every tree and shrub will have an impact on the quality of the water in your pond. A conifer will lose needles that will acidify the pond water. Lime trees or elm trees will “cry” all year round and generate a massive supply of nutrients, yews or laurels will release toxins that are dangerous to fish.

Your pond must be part of an ecosystem with which it will be constantly interacting, just think about it!

Proceed with the cleaning of the pond:

Remember to regularly remove debris from your pond using a net. Use the Biobooster + to clean your pond thoroughly. Biobooster+ is a formulation designed to boost the activity of micro-organisms that are beneficial to the pond. The effect on organic waste is visible after a few hours. Biobooster+ will then amplify the development of bacteria, resulting in the elimination of waste. Without products that are harmful to the filtration, the environment or the fish, which are all the more vigorous and healthy as a result.

In the long term, the combined use of Biobooster+ and Bactogen with our high quality Ichi Food feeds significantly reduces the organic pollution responsible for silting, clogging of filters or accumulation of ammonia toxic to fish.

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