Herstal, Liège, Belgique


The application to manage your Pond

For several months now, many Aquatic Science partners and resellers have been equipped with high-performance water analysis counters to enable private individuals to benefit, in just a few minutes, from a professional and detailed diagnosis of the water in their ponds. All they had to do was go to aquatic-science.com, look for the nearest analysis counter and go to it to analyse their water and get precise advice on the maintenance of their water point.

More than ever motivated by the desire to share its expertise in aquatic environments with the general public, Ichi Pond (an Aquatic Science brand) is launching its mobile application: AQUALYSER®. Aqualyser is a free and intuitive application developed with the aim of helping owners of water bodies by providing them with analysis, diagnosis, advice and detailed monitoring of their ponds.

Thanks to Aqualyser, it is now possible to quickly obtain professional recommendations for taking care of your pond and all this, on your smartphone. With Aqualyser, the user can find and/or keep clear water in all circumstances