Herstal, Liège, Belgique


Which filtration should you choose?

The principle of filtration is simple. A pump circulates the pond water to a mechanical-biological filter and a UV steriliser, a tried and tested technique that has been perfectly mastered.

Shark: economical multi-chamber filter

Shark filters, which take up less space than conventional multi-chamber filters, are nevertheless more efficient: the substrate has been specially designed to allow much greater bacterial development than other filters (up to 3000 m2 /m3). The integrated Sieve pre-filter (optional) allows a lower maintenance frequency than conventional multi-chamber filters. Shark filters are therefore a natural choice as a high-performance and economical solution.

Shark bead: biological filter

The Shark Bead is a pressure filter for mechanical and biological treatment of pond water. It contains a substrate made up of floating plastic beads, whose specific shape allows bacterial overgrowth. The “good” bacteria will settle around these beads to form the biofilm. This bacterial development prevents even the finest waste from passing through these filtering masses (mechanical filtration) and transforms toxic waste into harmless elements.

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