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Do you perform a water analysis at home or in a shop?

The Spin Touch® digital tester carries out all the water analyses (marine or sweet) necessary for your pond: pH, alkalinity, total hardness, phosphates, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

Each sealed reagent disc contains the precise amount of reagent needed to perform a complete series of tests in just 120 seconds. Simply fill a reagent disc with a water sample, place it in the Spin Touch®, press the “start” button, and all your tests are performed automatically.

This revolutionary testing system is so simple that anyone can use it. No vials to fill, no preparation time, no colour interpretation!


Water analysis counter

Thanks to the Aqualyser® water analysis counter, analysing the water in your pond becomes child’s play!

The digital tester carries out all the water analyses required for your pond: pH, alkalinity, total hardness, phosphates, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

The results are then sent to the tablet which will analyse the parameters obtained and inform you about the appropriate treatment. Thanks to our range of Ichi Pond treatment products, your pond will regain a perfectly balanced water balance.

Instructions for use :

1. Fill the analysis disc with your pond water using the syringe.
2. Place the disc in the digital tester
3. Close the lid and press start
4. The results are sent directly to the tablet
5. Encode your email address to receive your analyses

Indispensable tools for measuring the quality of your water

Analysing the parameters of your water means measuring different parameters, hardness, Ph, phosphates, nitrites & nitrates, ammonia. It also means being able to control and intervene when the parameters are unsatisfactory and to treat problems at source thanks to professional advice.

Aqualyser, an app by Aquatic Science, has been specially developed to monitor the water analysis of your pond. It allows an adequate management of pond and bathing water. It helps with diagnosis, prescribes the necessary treatment, suggests possible causes, gives precise and adapted advice. Aqualyser offers many advantages: detailed scientific information on the data analysed, management of an infinite number of basins and analyses, a complete data history, the editing of graphs and tables and, lastly, personalised advice.

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Analyse your water with the Aqualyser suitcase

The Aqualyser® suitcase is a colorimetric test that evaluates the acidity (pH), carbonate content and mineral concentration of the water. It can also be used to assess the total amount of ammonia (NH4 ), nitrite (NO2 ), nitrate (NO3 ) and phosphate (PO4 ) in the water. Test requirements The reliability and accuracy of the tests depend on the temperature and the waiting time for the reaction:

– Ideally, the sample temperature should be around 19°C – 25°C.

– The result must be read precisely after the waiting time indicated for each         parameter to be tested.

– After each test, rinse the test tube thoroughly with tap water (do not pour the contents into the basin).

Once the tests have been carried out, enter the parameters in the Aqualyser® application.

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