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5. Maintaining water balance whatever the weather conditions

5. Maintaining water balance whatever the weather conditions

Indeed, rainwater can bring acidity to your pond and is totally devoid of minerals.  As a result, it dilutes the minerality of the pond.  However, water without minerals is fragile and can undergo sudden changes leading to explosive greening.

There is no minimum quantity of minerals that is essential for a good balance. On the other hand, whether the water is soft or hard, a good proportion between carbonate or alkaline hardness and total hardness is important.  This balance gives water a “buffering” power.  It is not a magical power but simply an ability to absorb and absorb variations.

For example, the forest acts in the same way towards the ground.  The soil of a forest will undergo few variations; the forest above will moderate variations in temperature, humidity and sunshine.  The forest acts as a buffer in relation to the ground.  In a desert, the nights are icy, the days are torrid, and the variations in humidity and sunshine are maximal.  There is no plant cover to act as a buffer.

To protect your pond and your fish from too abrupt changes, maintaining a good mineral balance will be the key, just think about it.

Ichi Pond offers a range of products to naturally balance the water in your pond. “Always something extra” could be the motto for our range of products dedicated to healthy water.

Whether it’s :

  • Conditioning tap water while promoting filtration
  • Correct hardness and pH while providing vitamins, trace elements, fighting against excess algae, or promoting the mineralisation of organic matter.
  • Use a highly concentrated bacterial preparation to promote filtration, to reduce organic waste and silt, to control green water and filamentous algae, etc.

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