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4. Do not overcrowd your pond

4. Do not overcrowd your pond

Water is one pleasure but the life it harbours is another. Most ponds will often be populated by fish. Although all tastes are in the wild, it can be said that it is commonly accepted that koi carp with their flamboyant colours are the queens of the pond.

But beware, not only are they greedy but they can also grow significantly. It is exceptional but such a carp can reach 80 cm or even 1 m.  The frequent trap is the purchase of a large number of small carps which seem to have plenty of space in the pond. From a few centimetres to a few tens of centimetres, they suddenly seem very cramped and nothing goes, the water is dirty, the filtration doesn’t follow any more, the carps catch diseases

Apart from the fact that you have to anticipate this growth and populate your pond accordingly, count 50 cm of carp per 1000 L.  It is a strange unit, I agree, but the calculation is simple.  You imagine your fishes aligned in a single file, you estimate their cumulated size and you relate this figure to the volume of your pond.  If you have more than 50 cm per cubic meter, your pond is strongly stocked, if you are frankly underneath and that your carps already look good then do not hesitate to please you and acquire a new one.

In short, inquire about the size of your pond, do the calculation: 50 cm / m³ of carp on average

Do not overpopulate your pond at the risk of poisoning your fish, of unintentionally unbalancing the water of your pond (pollutants,…).

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