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3.Maintaining water balance in all weathers

3.Maintaining water balance in all weathers

In nature, there is no such thing as a stable environment for ever. A natural pond will always end up silting up, see its banks colonize, gradually become swampy and then a grassy or wooded environment depending on the location. To avoid this in your pond, it is essential to limit the accumulation of mud. It is necessary to ensure either its removal, occasional dredging but this is tedious, expensive and highly regulated or simply to ensure the digestion of the mud.

Digestion is the trick of bacteria. There are two main groups of bacteria, those that work in the presence of oxygen and those that do not.  The former will be active in the water and on the surface of the mud, the latter will be confined to the very heart of the mud.  The result is a form of stratification.  It’s like a mocha cake.  To reach the cake, you have to eat the mocha on the surface. 

Well, in order for our two types of bacteria to follow one another and digest the whole cake, the mocha lover must be able to penetrate all the way to the inside of the cake to reach the intermediate layer.

Therefore, there are products rich in bacteria to digest the sludge but beware, only those containing not one but many different strains of bacteria will be effective in eating the whole cake.

Don’t forget to check the parameters of your pond regularly!

There are several possibilities. Download the Aqualyser application and follow the evolution of your parameters:

  • Measure the parameters of your pond.
  • Enter the data of your colour test in the application..
  • Quickly obtain a graph of your pond’s monitoring and professional advice.

Or go to one of our partners that has a water analysis counter.

  • Take a sample of your water
  • Have it analysed
  • Get a result in less than 3 minutes and professional advice

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