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Biobooster +

Biobooster +

Biobooster+ is a formulation designed to boost the activity of microorganism that are beneficial to the pond. The effect of organic waste is visible after a few hours. Biobooster+ will then amplify the bacteria development, resulting in waste disposal. Without any harmful product for the filtration, which are even more vigorous and healthier as a result. In the long-term, the combined use of Biobooster+ and Bactogen with our high-quality aliments, Ichi Food significantly reduces the organic pollution which is responsible for silting, filter clogging or ammonia accumulation that is toxic to fish.



Directions for use: Shake well before each use. The pond needs to be correctly stirred and the filtration system must work properly. As soon as the water temperature exceeds 14°C, spread uniformly Biobooster+ on the pond surface. Remove any waste that reaches the surface. The more waste is removed, the better the result will be. The formation of foam is normal and temporary. The water may become cloudy for a few days. Extend the Bactogen treatment. Use the Biobooster+ on a regular basis by respecting a minimum period of 15 days between two administrations.

Dosage: 2 measures or 60 gr of Biobooster+ per m3.

Storage: Store in a dry place between 10 and 25°C. After the opening, under normal storage conditions, the product can be kept for 6 months.”


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