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Neutralizer immediately neutralizes the chlorine present in tap water. It eliminates heavy metals that are toxic to aquatic organisms and improves the biological filtration by providing nutritious substrate for bacteria of the filtration.



Directions for use: Shake well before each use, spread over the entire surface of the water. Use when installing a new system or whenever new water is added. Neutralizer is also recommended at the beginning of the season when the filter is restarted or after cleaning it. Wait 24 hours before adding other products to the water. Neutralizer can also be used as an antidote in case of chlorine or heavy metal poisoning (copper, nickel, etc.). For this specific use, the dose of the product can be increased up to ten times the recommended dose.

Dosing: 25 ml per 500 l of new water added to the pond.

Storage: Keep it in a fresh place. Under normal storage conditions, the product can be kept 24 months


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