Herstal, Liège, Belgique



O’clear quickly clarifies turbid water (brown, green or whitish) by binding suspended matters and phosphates in a durable way. The resulting aggregates are effectively retained by the filter and the pond takes on a crystalline appearance. Harmless to flora and fauna.



Directions for use: Make sure that filtration and ventilation are in good condition. Respect a period of 10 days between 2 treatments. Before treatment, slow down the pump and stop aeration to allow sedimentation. Calculate the precise dose according to the volume and dilute this dose at least 10 times with water before spreading it over the entire surface of the pond (watering can). Remove any waste that accumulates on the bottom or surface and restart the pump, always taking care to aerate it well. Caution: It is possible that large quantities of waste may be retained in the filter or in the vases. It will be necessary to clean the filter and reseed with Optinit. The ensuing normal increase in bacterial activity may cause a decrease in oxygen levels, which is dangerous for the fish. It is therefore necessary to avoid treatment if the level of dissolved oxygen is too low (high heat, storm, non-compliant installations, etc.).

Dosage: 100ml/m3.

Storage: Store between 10 and 25°C. Under normal storage conditions, the product can be kept 24 months.


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