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Optiminera increases and stabilizes pH, GH and KH. Rich in natural minerals and trace elements. Optiminera’s natural minerals optimize pH and hardness in a sustainable way. Optiminera helps to clarify the water, reduces phosphates, accelerates the reduction of silt and helps to stabilize the pond (disease prevention). 500g helps to maintain the mineral balance and pH of a 10m3 pond throughout the season. Optiminera is recommended when starting your pond, when using rainwater for filling or in case of climatic events (rain, storm, winter, …).



Composition: Minerals and trace elements.

Instructions : Shake well before each use. Spread directly in the filter and on the surface of the pond where the water flow is the best.

Dosage: 1 measuring jug per 5 m³ once a week. A package allows 10 treatments of the indicated volume.

Storage: Store in a dry place between 10 and 25°C. Under normal storage conditions, the product has a shelf life of two years.


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