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Non-biocide products

Preventive solutions as well as curative solutions for starting up and maintaining your pond.

Filtering solutions

A range of mechanical, biological and UV filters for all sizes of ponds for the best water quality.

Test your water

Professional testing tools and an analysis application to maintain your pool on a daily basis.


A range of products to maintain your pond

Ichi Pond has a wide range of products, both preventive and curative, to maintain your pond and enjoy crystal clear water all year round.

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Biobooster is a formulation designed to boost the activity of microorganism that are beneficial to the pond. The effect of organic waste is visible after a few hours. Biobooster will then amplify…


A concentered blend of bacteria, enzymes, minerals and trace elements. Bactogen is recommended for the maintenance of the biological filtration throughout most of the year…


Optinit contains all the bacterial strains and minerals needed to start or restart biological filtration. When starting the filtration process (spring, new pond, …), after maintenance, treatment…


Oxygen quickly increases the oxygen level in the pool, the effect is visible within minutes. It helps the natural elimination of mud and accelerates the process of combating algae. It increases…


Un GH optimal se situe entre 10 et 20°A. L’eau de pluie fait baisser le GH. Une valeur trop basse est néfaste à la filtration, au développement des plantes etdes poissons. Contrôler régulièrement le GH sur…


Un KH optimal se situe entre 8 et 12°A. L’eau de pluie fait baisser le KH. Une valeur trop basse est néfaste à la filtration et au développement des plantes et des poissons. Contrôler régulièrement…


O’clear 6000 quickly clarifies turbid water (brown, green or whitish) by binding suspended matters and phosphates in a durable way. The resulting aggregates are effectively retained…


Neutralizer immediately neutralizes the chlorine present in tap water. It eliminates heavy metals that are toxic to aquatic organisms and improves the biological filtration by providing nutritious substrate…

Aqualyser An innovative mobile application

Sharing our expertise in aquatic environments is particularly important to us. Discover now our mobile application: AQUALYSER®.

A free and intuitive application that supports the owners of water bodies by providing them with analyses, diagnoses, advice and detailed monitoring of their ponds.

Thanks to Aqualyser, quickly get professional recommendations for taking care of your pond and all that, on your smartphone. With Aqualyser, you can find and/or keep clear water in all circumstances!

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Ichi Pond, an Aquatic Science brand


These ponds are treated with Ichi Pond throughout the year and their quality is irreproachable.

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